14 Feb, 2020: Kicking off the Green Technician Program!

Setting up this shot was surprisingly tricky!

Today we launched the Green Technician Program! We were delighted to be accompanied by amazing students from Geographical and Earth Sciences. The excitement was palpable, and we can’t wait to harness that energy to make a difference in Glasgow schools. The purpose of our first meeting was to orient the students about the wider aims of the International Green Academy, and prepare them for their journey to help transform outdoor learning. We ran a couple of brainstorming sessions–including asking them to think about both “what is a school garden”, but more importantly, “what can a school garden do?” We finished by coming up with a logo for our forthcoming uniforms!

How can we build progressive urban ecologies?
Agnes leads the charge.
Catherine takes notes!
A brief clip of one of the many discussions.
The logo workshop begins….currently it looks like a globe with trees and buildings on it!
Gardens can create a sense of ownership, food autonomy, and enable playfulness and imagination
School gardens are non-hierarchical – build circles instead of dividing lines between learners and educators.

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