13 September 2019: Elective class continues

Today was a glorious Glasgow day. Lots of sun! Victoria and I split the class into two and then rotated – half would help weed the front of the school, the other half came with me to sketch out their ideal school garden designs. Lots of creative blueprints! Bug hotels and ponds definitely came out on top of the wish-lists. Nice to use the benches I built, too – sturdy so far!

17-24 August, 2019: The Team Visit to Arizona!

Cheryl, Julie, Victoria, and myself spent a week in Tucson, AZ, shadowing members of the Community and School Garden Program – which is run out of the University of Arizona. It’s difficult to put into words how inspiring and uplifting this experience was for all of us–and how many wonderful ideas it gave us to take back to our own wee slice of the planet. We visited 3 elementary schools, 2 high schools, a University-run urban farm, and a community-run urban farm. We also spent many hours shadowing various meetings at the University of Arizona. Finally, we tried our best to understand the flora and fauna of the Sonoran desert to help integrate into international science experiments back in Scotland.

West of Tucson
The prickly pears were a favourite!
The amazing Manzo Academy
Native growing calendar
Worm bin!
So much of Manzo is pupil-run. It is so inspiring.
Definitely could not grow corn or cacti in Glasgow!
Still no sunburn…
The University-run Tucson Village Farm. What a place!
So many chickens!
Amazing to get this much growth in the middle of the desert – and the middle of the summer!
Change the world – one carrot at a time!
Checking out another elementary school garden!
Cooling off in the mountains after a long day!
Helping out with the food literacy lab! Amazing to see the garden-classroom-stomach educational learning pipeline!
Turns out, plain basil!
Learning how to interpret seed packets and hands-on activities for teaching!
Rachel teaches how to use our hands to approximate various measurements.
Welcome to the Mid-Town Farm!
The goats were a hit – especially with Victoria!
Observing an ecology class taken by the amazing Jessie!
Scientific experiments in the garden – part of the agrovoltaics experiment. So cool!
Tucson High grows the starters for the rest of CSGP network. Amazing idea!
Aquaponics are cool!
Tuscon High’s farm club!
Group shot of the IGA!