Getting ready for Halloween and Day of the Day

Today I took four of our amazing Green Ambassadors to help deliver a class on Halloween and the Day of the Dead. The main learning outcome was to get students to think about the relationship between food, culture, and history. We talked about the (spooky) history behind the Jack o’ Lantern, as well as the much longer history of the Day of the Dead and the Marigold. In terms of an activity, the students designed their own creepy Jack o’ Lanterns, ready to be cut next week!

21st October 2019: Praise be the Shed! The journey ends…

We finally have a shed at Boclair! Thanks to the amazing efforts of our Green Ambassadors at the University of Glasgow over the past month, we were able to clear and level the site to prepare for shed-day. Using 3 layers of coarse gravel (hardcore), builder’s sand, and then concrete slabs, we constructed a stable base for the shed (which was then constructed this Monday). I’m so excited, as it means we can keep equipment, and even plants, outside…and dry!

Photos below represent the journey the wee plot of land took from summer to winter! We had help from Boclair Students along the way (digging like crazy!) – especially in sunnier weather!

Easy, right!….

11 October 2019: The Green Ambassadors!

Today I was so lucky to receive the help of amazing geography undergraduates from the University of Glasgow’s School of Geographical and Earth Sciences–as well as my visiting student (Masters) from South China Normal University. Our big job today was clearing up the garden (which is overrun!) and shifting all of the hardcore gravel from the roadside to the garden (which is so labour-intensive!). But we did it, and miraculously, the sun was out the whole time! Thanks again to Glasgow students for making this partnership real.

The Arizona connection! Americans in Glasgow. 28th September to 3rd October, 2019.

I was so excited to host Sallie Marston, Rachel Wehr, Blue Baldwin, and Moses Thompson from the University of Arizona’s Community and School Garden Program ( ).

We achieved so much, worked hard, and shared lots of laughs! The purpose of their trip was strengthen our international partnership. We spent a full day at Boclair Academy across 6 different teaching periods. The Arizona team led two outdoor lessons which were so much fun (about 60 students involved in total). They also helped out in a further 4 different classes, and learnt a lot about guidance and counselling at the school (more on this later – there’s so much potential for a garden).

At the University of Glasgow, the Arizona team led a group presentation and Q&A on their school garden program (thanks all for coming!), followed by an afternoon workshop on ecological justice with geography undergraduates. This workshop involved students from across the degree program, and we’re already organising for working in the school garden and across our communities. We then headed to Baltic Street Adventure Playground – a fantastic greenspace!

Photos below from our time together….

No visit to Glasgow would be complete without a hike up Conich Hill…
The team at Rannoch Moor. It was actually sunny! Cheryl took the photo!
Photo from the Tuesday presentation. The talk was extensive, covering everything from the therapeutic to the political dimensions of school gardens.
In the East Quad!
Ecological Justice workshop at the University of Glasgow.
Baltic Street Adventure Playground! Growing and playing together in the community.
Thanks to Helen Trail for giving up her time, as well as Alistair!
Come down, Blue!
Outdoor learning begins at Boclair!
Mrs Bone listens patiently!
One of the tasks that Blue had her group do was to identify different components of the garden that triggered our different senses. Lots of fun!
Comparing each teams’ ‘sensory’ items they located in the garden – from seedpods to creepy crawlies!

Finishing off with a couple of photos of the garden in its present state – and a drone shot from a pupil!