A Bark Extravaganza – Week 4 at Drumchapel High

This week marked an important moment for the garden site as the digging stopped and new preparations began. As we arrived at the garden site in the September sunshine, we were confronted by seven huge bags of bark to be transferred onto the site. We suddenly realised that this was going to be a labour-intensive session!

The first task was to lay membrane on the site before spreading the bark. Students showed some great teamwork as they tried to solve the puzzle of placing the lining over their constructed garden shape. Large boulders found nearby were used to weigh the lining down and students took turns to cut the material to fit the site perfectly.

We then set to work on spreading the bark across the site. Students (and Mr Healey) worked with their hands, feet, spades, forks, and a wheelbarrow to distribute the bark. A great amount of initiative was used by the group and a lot of hard work was undertaken. Teamwork was essential and a system of tipping the bags was devised which required a whole group effort!

A great sense of accomplishment was felt by the group at the end of the session and the site is looking transformed. Next week we are turning attention back to building the benches and thinking through the layout of the garden.