About Us

Our mission is to research how universities, schools, and communities can work together to build gardens that empower young people. We believe this task is urgent in an age of profound ecological and social challenges to the planet. Our interdisciplinary team explores how school and community gardens can transform our cities, outdoor learning, and environmental outlook beyond international borders. The International Green Academy is a collective of researchers from the Universities of Leeds, Glasgow, and Arizona, as well as teachers and young people from Glasgow, Tucson, Leeds, and Bradford.

Dr. Ian Shaw. Associate Professor of Global Security Challenges, University of Leeds
Associate Director
Dr. Cheryl McGeachan. Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Glasgow

International Board of Advisors
Prof. Sallie Marston. Regents Professor Emerita, The University of Arizona, Co-Founder University of Arizona Community and School Garden Program (CSGP)
Moses Thompson. Associate Director, CSGP.
Dr. Ria Dunkley. Lecturer in Geography, Environment and Sustainability, The University of Glasgow

Our School and Community Partners
Drumchapel High School (Glasgow)
St. Mungo’s Academy (Glasgow)
Boclair Academy (Glasgow)
Lourdes Secondary School (Glasgow)
Govan High School (Glasgow)
St. Thomas Aquinas (Glasgow)
Bowling Park Primary School (Bradford)
CATCH – Community Action to Create Hope (Leeds)
University of Arizona Community and School Garden Program (Tucson)

Green Technicians
Our undergraduate training program has now run for two years. Our 2021 cohort can be found here. We were delighted to welcome undergraduate students from Leeds, Aberdeen, and Glasgow.

Funding. We gratefully recognise the following support:

1. The School of Politics and International Studies, University of Leeds. 2021.
2. University of Glasgow Knowledge Exchange Fund. Challenging Eco-Anxiety: Climate Confidence and School Gardens. 2019-2020
3. University of Glasgow Chancellor’s Fund, 2020. Green Technicians: Diversifying and Enhancing Student Outdoor Learning.
4. University of Glasgow’s School of Geographical & Earth Science Research Enabling Fund. Green Technician Programme. 2020.
5. British Academy, 2019-2021, Tackling the UK’s International Challenges funding scheme.