About Us

Our mission is to research how universities and schools can work together to build school gardens that empower pupils and their communities. Our interdisciplinary team will explore how school gardens can transform our cities, outdoor learning, and ecological outlook across international borders. The International Green Academy is a collective of researchers from the University of Glasgow and University of Arizona, as well as schools at Glasgow (Boclair Academy & Drumchapel High School) and Tucson (Tucson Unified School District).

The University of Glasgow
Dr. Ian Shaw, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography
Dr. Cheryl McGeachan, Lecturer in Human Geography
Catherine Holmes, Research Assistant

Green Technicians
Geographical and Earth Science students at the University of Glasgow

Boclair Academy
Ruth Bone, principal geography teacher
Julie Crilley, geography teacher
Victoria Duncan, geography teacher

Drumchapel High School
Steven Lamb, Business, Administration and Enterprise principal teacher

The University of Arizona
Prof. Sallie Marston, Professor and Director, Community & School Garden Program
Moses Thompson, Counsellor at Manzo Academy, Associate Director CSGP
Rachel Wehr, Program Manager and Lead Field Coordinator

Tucson Unified School District
Blue Baldwin, Ecology Program Coordinator at Manzo Elementary School