Back at Drumchapel High!

This week the IGA returned to work with Drumchapel High after a break due to another lockdown. Although plans to start working on the Food Growing site have been disrupted the group were keen to get back to work.

The first task was to mark out the position for the raised beds which involved moving a large amount of wood out of storage and onto the site. The students tried out different designs and decided to create five raised beds in a vertical row. Keen to make the site as accessible to everyone as possible, the group decided to position the raised beds near an already created pathway.  Plans to build the raised beds are underway and over the next few weeks we hope to see our second site come to life.

The group also worked on a range of maintenance jobs on site one. The site had been left unattended throughout the 4 month lockdown and the group were keen to tidy up the garden. Birdfeeders were refilled, plants watered, bark raked, and benches found (some having been used as sledges over the winter months!). Plans to repaint the benches and to encourage people from the school community to use the site for wellbeing activities were made and the group are happy to work on maintaining the site over the next few weeks.

In preparation for our raised beds the group began pea planting, carefully considering seed packet instructions. Ally is currently looking after the peas indoors and fingers crossed they will start shooting shortly.

The disruption to education during lockdown has been incredibly challenging for everyone across the school community. During this time a number of original members from the group have left and other members have had to cope with a variety of changes to their routines. We are inspired and delighted by the willingness and determination of everyone at the school to continue with the garden project and we hope to keep reporting our progress here as we go along.