“Can we do it again next week?”: The Science Festival comes to Drumchapel High

The garden at Drumchapel High was bursting with activity in September as 100 S1 pupils from across the school came to take part in the Glasgow Science Festival. The garden became a space for learning, squealing, digging, and having fun (despite the rain!) with pupils getting the opportunity to explore the worlds beneath their feet, learn about micro-bits, and plant their own wildflower seeds. Pupils enjoyed the opportunity to explore the spaces of the garden and to work outdoors. For many this was their first experience of their school garden and they left wanting to come back and to lean more. Some pupils noted that “I didn’t want to come out but really enjoyed it”, “it was fun”, and that “I loved learning about the garden”.

As we explored the soil underneath their feet in real time, pupils got the opportunity to encounter earthly companions such as worms and caterpillars. Causing the usual mixed reaction of screams and squeals. For some these encounters were the most meaningful of the day with one pupil stating that “holding the worms was so good”. 

The event was a collaborative effort between the School, IGA, Children’s Neighbourhood Scotland, and Glasgow Life, and a wonderful opportunity to use the garden for outdoor learning. John, an original and ongoing contributor to the garden group, was on site helping for the whole session showing his commitment to expanding the reach of the garden to new members of the school community.

Thank you to the Glasgow Science Festival for the opportunity to develop this event and we hope to work in partnership again in the future.