Cement and Sculptures

Work has continued at our Glasgow wellbeing garden in collaboration with GUEST. Over the past few weeks we have been working with our Green Technician volunteers and members of GUEST to repair a stone planter in the garden. This will form a key feature of the wellbeing space where we hope people will be able to sit, relax, and reflect in their garden surroundings.

Working with concrete to resituate and secure the loose stones was more challenging than we first thought but after a few unsuccessful tries (with the wrong concrete!) we finally managed to secure our first stones in place. We all found the task relaxing and suggested that working with such a tactile material, and slowly piecing them together like a giant stone jigsaw, was a therapeutic activity in-and-of itself.

A key part of developing the wellbeing garden has been considering the important connections between nature, mental health, and the arts. Local artists Agnes Jones and Louise Mcvey designed and installed a beautiful steel sculpture to act as a wonderful centrepiece for the wellbeing area.

Over the next few sessions we will continue to repair the planter and to begin planting around the sculpture with a range of fragrant plants such as lavender and freesias. We will then be starting work on digging out an old abandoned planter to make way for planting our new wildflower area.