Eco-education and the Secrets of Soil

Over the weeks our Green Technicians have been busy developing skills in eco-education, socio-emotional learning with school gardens, and have learned about the secrets of soil. Including an IGA favourite – the nematode!

We have been joined by incredible experts in their fields who have generously shared their philosophies and practices of working with young people and school gardens. Dr Ria Dunkley, from the School of Education at the University of Glasgow, shared her expertise on eco-education and drew attention to the importance of “ecopedagogy” and the creation of “geo-stories”. Moses Thompson, Associate Director of the University of Arizona’s Community and School Garden Programme, reflected on his experience of working with school gardens as a school counsellor. Prompting the Green Techs to consider their own practices of working with young people in the garden we were all inspired to think widely about the therapeutic qualities of gardens, especially in relation to issues of structural racism, poverty, and the recent pandemic.

During Ian’s session on soil, the Green Techs began their own growing. Windowsills are currently awash with a variety of plants from tomatoes to peas, and we are all looking forward to seeing how they turn out. Give peas a chance! 🙂