Green Technician Programme 2021 Begins

This week saw the launch of our Green Technician Programme for 2021! This year we are happy to have 16 students joining us from the Universities of Glasgow, Leeds, and Aberdeen. These green techs will undertake training and debate in eco-education, ecological justice, and outdoor learning.

The six-week programme began with an introduction to the International Green Academy, highlighting our connections to the University of Arizona and various school communities. We also wanted to get across our vision for what constitutes research – as collaborative, participatory, and practical.

As a collective, we discussed how and why gardens are political spaces and the group highlighted the importance of promoting ecological justice, working outdoors, protecting biodiversity, experimenting with food growing, connecting to the land, and building a sense of community and belonging.

A real strength of the group is its interdisciplinary nature with students spanning subjects such as geography, politics, and microbiology. We are excited to continue working together over the next five weeks where we will train in topics such as eco-education, ecological anxiety, and climate justice!