Green Technicians begin work at Drumchapel High

After a long wait our first Green Technicians began hands-on work supporting the development of the school garden at Drumchapel High. Throughout their training the Green Techs have been developing skills around ecological justice, food growing, and eco-pedagogy, and we are delighted that the time has now come for them to share and build upon these skills in the garden sites themselves.

The group (currently limited in numbers due to current covid guidelines) were introduced to the site and heard about the work undertaken by the Drumchapel students. The Green Techs were impressed with the work undertaken and keen to help develop the site in the school’s vision.

Work began with filling the raised beds with soil, carrying on the work that was started earlier in the week by the students, and planting our first vegetables. A variety of lettuce was selected, with the Green Techs sharing their previous growing experiences (including their failures!) and teaching one another about seeds and planting depths.

Due to covid restrictions the Green Techs are currently working separately from the school students, undertaking work outside of school hours. However, in time we hope to unite the groups and to continue to develop the Green Tech programme as a resource for sharing knowledge, supporting school communities, and challenging climate injustice.