Introducing Catherine Holmes!

Hi! I’m Catherine Holmes and I’m really pleased to be joining the team here in Glasgow as a research assistant on the school gardens project.

I first got involved as a volunteer last summer whilst completing the Master of Research programme in Human Geography. At this time, I was undertaking research investigating

 the relationship between conservation, nature and private capital in the Scottish highlands. I had also just joined a community garden in the south side of Glasgow and was delighted in the sense of excitement and contentment that spending time outdoors learning to grow plants and vegetables gave me. As we continue to struggle to reclaim land for community use across Scotland, I believe it is important that we have the opportunity to reignite our curiosity with and connection to the spaces we inhabit. Gardens are an amazing way to do this.

Having witnessed (and felt!) the happiness that growing things can give people of all ages, I’m really looking forward to being a part of a project extending this opportunity to young people in Glasgow.

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