Learning outdoors this week – why it’s vital.

Learning outdoors – there is nothing more rewarding. This week we’ve been really impressed with the scientific curiosity and enthusiasm of our primary school students in Bradford. The pandemic has forced so much education to be done digitally – so the opportunity to be outdoors has never been more vital!

Outdoor education, at its best, enables young people to discover how our world is built, how life thrives (often against the odds), and how we can make a positive difference to the planet. And all of this can be done by activating the range of our bodily senses – many of which are limited by indoor environments.

Here you can see us clearing the weeds that had taken over the raised beds! We then transplanted the herbs we started indoors, ready to be harvested and taken home this summer!

One observation we made this week was how fascinated students are for the organisms that live in the soil. Lots of worm and beetle-related discussion as we were planting the herbs.