March 29 – April 8, 2019: signs of Life!

I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised when life first emerged from the compost. As someone who was, and is, a novice, I felt an immense set of satisfaction seeing those green shoots reach toward the sun. It was also easy to do – and once you get your hands dirty, the confidence stays with you.

Let there be life!

5 March 2019 – getting garden supplies!

Today Cheryl and myself headed to a nearby garden centre to acquire initial growing supplies. My plan, given the wintry conditions, was always to start a few key vegetables from the warmth of my own office! We also wanted to pick crops that would be hardy enough for uncertain growing conditions.

15th February, 2019: Beyond the Academy visit

Today I met again with Victoria to discuss the future of the garden, and we also met with the Head Teacher who signed off on the project. I also brought fourth year geographers with me, who were doing their “Beyond the Academy Project” on Boclair Academy’s school garden. Their project was amazing (all fourth-year geographers do an outreach-based project), and they spent weeks researching and designing the best practices for a community-facing school garden. You’ll see the poster they designed below – “Growing Green Futures.” Thanks to my amazing students, who ended up getting a well-deserved A for their project!

1st of February, 2019 – the first day at Boclair Academy!

The first proper day of the project begins (funding from BA started on the 31st)! I met with Victoria (one of the geography teachers) and Cheryl at Boclair Academy to discuss the main objectives of the research and our next steps together. We talk (or rather, dream!) about the future of the garden and evaluate the existing site. It’s a very cold and frosty day, and its tricky to see how these few raised beds (or “boxes” as I call them in the video [I had much to learn]) can act as a hub for outdoor learning and student community.


First garden design for Boclair Academy

I had a lot of fun playing around with the GrowVeg garden design software (which is fantastic- Here’s what I came up with for an initial design using their garden planner. I wanted something manageable, with beds that share companion crops. I also tried to pay attention to the various heights of the crops, as well as the direction of the sun (the garden is north facing, with a hill on its southern edge)