Reflections on finishing Stage 1 at Drumchapel High (also, before and after photos!)

When we began working in September with a small group of students from Drumchapel High we had no idea of what was possible. Plans to start the garden in March 2020 were postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions. And as we began to put tentative arrangements in place for an Autumn start, we were once again forced to adjust to living through the constraints of a pandemic.

However, we battled on. And what has taken place has surpassed all our expectations, and has shown us the power and resilience of collective action to build new worlds in uncertain times. Over the past ten weeks, the group had done an enormous amount of digging (really!), building and painting of their own benches, and laid seven huge bags of bark. Barrels have been pushed into place and rolled down hills (accidentally). Friendships with plants and worms have been struck, and wars with weeds have been fought and lost. All culminating in the creation of a school garden – built in every way by the students themselves.

This is an incredible achievement and we are so proud of the students, staff, and the school that have given time, energy, and enthusiasm to the project. Thanks to everyone. In January we plan to start our second site – our food growing space – and to continue to work together to develop the garden as a space for outdoor learning, improving mental wellbeing, and tackling climate injustice. 

Here are “before” and “after” shots. So inspirational: