Reimagining Museums for Climate Action Challenge

Over the past month Ian, Cathy and I have been working up our proposal for the Reimagining Museums for Climate Action competition run by the Glasgow Science Centre. Inspired by the competition’s ethos for radically rethinking the museum in relation to climate justice and green futures, we explored ideas around young people and climate action. Our proposal – “The Green Technician Collective” – centres on the empowerment of young people through the development of a living museum and we are excited about sharing our ideas with the judging panel. Designing a museum proposal was a new venture for us and it was a challenging experience to attempt to visualise our ideas. For inspiration we hit the outdoors and had a lot of fun discussing our proposal as we trudged up a hill together.

The proposal has been created with COP26 in mind and the potential these events have to
challenge and reframe worldly debates around climate change and sustainable futures. Working together on this proposal allowed us the opportunity to consider further the IGA’s mission in relation to global policy, such as Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. It has continued to strengthen our collective desire to promote human dignity through the development of just foodscapes and we are excited to hear more about the competition as it progresses.

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