Seeds, Birds and Pumpkins – Week 8 at Drumchapel High

Once again the group have made amazing progress in continuing to plant and dig the site. Following on from last week’s session, the group have planted a further barrel and completed the path to the new site.

This week we focused on how to care for the plants and to see the garden as more than a space for humans. The group discussed the importance of attracting birds and other wildlife to the garden, both to support the life of the plants but also to help the space become a place to support mental wellbeing. Drawing inspiration from Halloween, the group made bird feeders out of pumpkins in Mr Healey’s workshop.

As the group carved and scooped out the pumpkins we discussed the importance of seeds and growing our own food. The group separated and saved the pumpkin seeds for growing in the garden next year. Students noted the importance of making food accessible to people that cannot easily afford it, and it was suggested that the group gives away the pumpkins that it grows in the future to those most in need.

The pumpkins were then transported into the garden, filled with bird feed, and placed strategically to where they may be most likely to attract wildlife.

The group plan to keep watch over the next week to see if they can spot any wildlife in the garden and will report back on anything they uncover.