The Archway is complete – Drumchapel Week 9

As autumn turns to winter in Glasgow this week the garden continues to take shape through the hard work of the students at Drumchapel. This week the group continued to work on a range of tasks, building on previous knowledge gained through working on the site.  

This week the entrance archway, which has proved incredibly challenging to construct was finished and secured in place. After last week’s session making bird feeders the students have become aware of new bird activity on the site and so we decided to place a new bird feeder on the arch to welcome both humans and animals into the garden.  

The final four benches were painted in bright colours and placed in the garden amongst the barrels. The large barrel was also secured into the ground through a great deal of hard work by the group, who had to dig a large hole and carefully manoeuvre the barrel in place which wasn’t as easy as we first thought!  

The site is exceptionally windy and in order to help secure our bamboo centre piece the group decided to repot the bamboo deeper into the barrel. The group carefully removed the plant noting the importance of paying attention to its root system.  

At the end of the session we took a moment to reflect on the amazing progress that has been made over the past 9 weeks and made plans for our final few weeks of the year. We are excited to be so close to finishing our first eco-garden site at Drumchapel.