Week 3 at Drumchapel High School – our first bench!

Today we were joined by Mr Healey—a tech teacher from Drumchapel—who was covering for an absent Ally. Our session began by chatting about the importance of preparation for any garden site. Next week, we hope to take delivery of the wooden bark for the herb garden and seating area. So, it’s vital that the ground is good and ready!

A dry day! Praise the Glasgow weather!

We spent a good chunk of time levelling and digging the site (which is really quite big now!). We then chatted about using a porous membrane on the exposed soil to prevent any weeds growing through the bark. Ian had brought this from a local garden supplier, and the students had some fun beginning to lay it out. However, it was too windy to get this done today, so we decided we’ll do it next week once the bark is delivered (and can weigh down the membrane).

It was far too windy to begin laying out the membrane!

In the second half of the session, Ian held a workshop for the students on how to build a bench. He started by laying out the wood—from the amazing people at Glasgow Wood Recycling—and challenged the students to think how they would create a bench with the 4 pieces of wood. After a few failed attempts, the puzzle clicked, and the students successfully pieced the bench together! It really was fantastic to see the students come together to build the first bench at the Drumchapel Eco-Garden!

Working together!
Thanks to Mr Healey for showing us some vital tips!
The first bench is build! Good and sturdy, too!

Oh, and the students were much more comfortable holding worms! Ian talked through how these wiggly creatures are nature’s unsung heroes! As ever, there were lots of laughs and good chat, and a real sense of community growing.

Worms are our friends!