Week 5 at the Drum – Bench Building

This week the group put their bench building skills to the test and set to work on constructing the benches. Following on from Ian’s tutorial in week 2, the group quickly organised the wood into piles and began to plan out their benches. Due to the wet weather we worked in Mr Healy’s workshop, giving us great access to lots of tools and the radio.

The group showed fantastic initiative and teamwork, carefully working together to measure and drill the wood. Using the drill was more difficult than we first thought but after a few mistakes everyone found their rhythm and all five benches were finished in the session – a terrific achievement!

Afterwards the group carried the benches out to the garden and tried out a variety of seating styles for the site. The group discussed what the garden could be used for – socialising, teaching, taking time out, etc., and these all became important elements in the design. Eventually the group voted on their favourite design and decided upon the entrance spot for the garden. Over the next week we plan to paint the benches and begin to construct the bamboo archway for the entrance before moving on to setting up the first planting activity before the end of the year.