Week 7 at Drumchapel: Plants and bamboo trees arrive!

For our 7th week, we were very excited to finally get some plants in the garden! We were keen to follow the blueprint we had for the site – using a mixture of grasses and perennials so the site would stay alive throughout the winter. We also think its important to add height and texture to the garden. And somehow we managed to fit two giant bamboo trees in a car!

We began by asking the students how exactly they wanted to layout the whisky barrels (from Glasgow Wood Recycling) that would serve as raised beds. The students selected a circular layout with a bamboo tree in the middle. The barrels were not easy to manoeuvre and required team work to get them in place.

After a brief tutorial on how to mix the compost and topsoil, the students then went about arranging the plants in the whisky barrels. Despite the rain everyone helped to transport the plants and compost out of the car and onto the site.

The bamboo tree is hopefully going to serve as a centrepiece. So long as it doesn’t get blown away! The site is very exposed and windy.

The group were introduced to plant root systems and saw first-hand the survival systems of the plants they were caring for. We talked about the importance of “teasing” the roots. Although this generated lots of laughs!

It was then up to the group to prepare their barrel and to select their plants. The group followed the tutorial instructions, getting their hands stuck in to mix the different soil layers in preparation for planting. A range of different plants were selected and carefully arranged into place before being planted. We then brought the benches out to arrange them. The garden is really starting to look special!

The site looked transformed after the session with many of the group noting that it now looked like a garden. With a number of barrels still to be planted the site is coming alive and we hope to fill these over the next few weeks.